Saturday, December 12, 2009


This is another pencil drawing on colored paper. I used gray paper on this one. It still works but the white isn't as strong. This paper I'm using is pretty sturdy and thick. Earlier I said go ahead and use construction paper, but Bob pointed out it fades. He's right. Also it's just flimsy. If you're gonna take the time to draw something, don't use temporary materials.

Since this is drawn on nice paper I feel confident in stating it's suitable for hanging over the mantle in any nice living room. Just think how impressed your girlfriend or boss would be if they came to your home as saw a fine piece such as THIS on your wall. You wouldn't even have to tell them; they'd already know how cultured and well-to-do you are.


  1. Keith,
    Normally, I'd say WA-WHO, you done' it agin... but... this time, it looks like me staring in the mirror every morning before I shave... ouch!

  2. ha ha! but he has no facial hair. Do you shave the top o' yor noggin?

  3. It's been a while...I forgot just how skilled and imaginative you were. Yeah I have been out of touch. I reactivated my blog...who knows how long that will last, I hope to keep writing stuff though at least for die-hard weirdo fans like you! ha ha ha!

  4. Extremo
    Thanks! I still keep your cyclops baby on the wall at my drawing table.

  5. love the expression on this guy. he reminds me of an old farmer who is staring at a UFO that just landed on one of his cows.

  6. shmoe, moe. now, my boy has more teeth and hair than that! at least be accurate!

    I'm joking. Have a good week!

  7. ha ha! he's rough of the furniture. maybe this is after he knocked a few teeth out and got into the scissors. you have to admit it's plausible.


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