Friday, December 4, 2009


Here's an old pencil drawing. Get some old brown paper bag and cut it into a square, and then get some Prismacolor pencils. Black and White.

Draw with the black 1st, and when that's all done hit the highlights with the white pencil.

IF you don't have a brown paper bag you can actually go get some colored paper at the store. I don't recommend construction paper. When you erase it the paper will rub off. Now that I think about it, those Prismacolor pencils don't really erase anyway. Go ahead and use construction paper if you want; just don't make any mistakes.

If you do you can do what I do and work it into the picture somehow. A bad line can easily become a fly buzzing around the subject's head, or a sore on the subject's head. If you are drawing something pretty then don't use the "flies and sores" trick.


  1. Tres cool!

    Funny thing, i've been prepping a FACE THE WEEK entry in the same style, only digitally.

    It would be cool to animate this!

  2. Thanks Willy, Hey do you have any of your animations posted?

  3. I would steer clear of the construction paper. I used to do drawings similar to this on the construction paper that comes in a big pack of 50 or 100 sheets. I found that over time it fades, even if it's not out in the sun. Maybe the cheap paper neutralizes the color somehow?

    A better alternative is to use scrapbook paper. Go to the scrapbook section of your local art supply store (and try not to look embarrassed about being the only male there). They should have racks full of colored paper. It's thicker than construction paper and it's got a better texture, especially for colored pencils. It's a little more expensive, but it's nicer and won't fade.


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