Friday, December 11, 2009


Immediately after I finished this I thought of a better way to do the sequence. Also I'm not real happy with that last frame. I'm gonna try to redo the whole thing in the near future.

I thought for the REDO I could have him walking around in an amusement park. He sees signs on all the rides stating: MUST BE 40" TO RIDE. Each time he sees this sign he is saddened because he's too short.

Later he sees this sign at the hoochie coochie tent (my grandma told me they had hoochie coochie tents at the fairs when she was little) and it has a MUST BE 21 TO ENTER sign beside the tent flap. He jumps for joy and runs inside. I figure no tape-measuring would be necessary for that version.


  1. I love the design of lil gutbucket (great name too). I got this gag right away. it is simple but effective and the "victory cheer" panel is what makes this funny. i am not sure i would follow your "REDO" version, but i am sure it would still be funny. seems you cant draw anything that isn't funny.

  2. Thanks Brad, I wonder if the REDO version might be better as something filmed rather than drawn.

  3. I agree with Brad..i love the simple "blow" to the works well..very effective.

  4. Yup, what them two guys said! Keep it as is. Any kid who can wear a propellar beanie with the panache of Lil' Gutbucket is otay in my book!

  5. Willy and Rogue,

    Thanks you guys for your input. Maybe I'll just leave it as is.


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