Friday, January 1, 2010


There's a a super nice (and patient) guy in Florida who asked to buy my original Pitiful Pirate painting. THIS ONE:

When I told him it was only 8" x 10" he said he wanted it double tall and double wide: 16" x 20". He also said he wasn't a stickler and I could make the new one any way I wanted. I never liked the pink background on the original so I figured I this was an opportunity to do a better version. I will make the background blue which seems like the most sensible color. I don't know what possessed me to go with pink on the original.
The story behind this painting is: There's a pirate and he's in trouble, but he refuses to stop his evil ways even in times of need. Helping him would be like helping an alligator. It wouldn't be appreciated. As soon as you finish helping him he will strike you dead and take your valuables. I don't know if people read that into it, but that was my intention.
1. The sky is made by squirting LIGHT BLUE paint at the top and an even LIGHTER BLUE paint on the bottom of the canvas. Starting at the top I made horizontal passes back and forth with the brush, working my way down to the bottom of the canvas. The paint mixed in the brush as I worked my way down. When I got to the bottom I did the same thing in reverse until I'd reached the top of the canvas. I left the paint a little streaky on purpose. Then I let that dry.

2. I penciled in the figures directly onto the dried paint.

That's enough for today. I need to let that stuff cure before I do the next step.

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  1. Lucky Floridian...or maybe just a "flush" gator.
    Seriously, Keith, this is so cool that you're showing us this new painting project step-by-step. While the pink is not bad, I do concur with you that the blue is way better. I will stay tuned


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