Friday, January 8, 2010


Some of you guys asked for a Dumb-Baby comic so here you go. I went 2 different ways with it.

This way makes the mom out to be evil.

This way makes Dumb-Baby out to be evil.

It's probably not a very good 1st comic since the main character isn't even in the picture. I'll keep trying and do a better one eventually.

Sorry for the recent spewing of poo jokes. I admit it's the cheater's way since by its very nature poo is uncomfortable and awkward, therefore laughable. It's a cheater's method because you can put it in anything for a cheap laugh. I'd like to improve my joke-writing skills and using poo doesn't get me any further along.


  1. actually the thing that makes me laugh here is the nonchalant way the dad calls his own kid "dumb-baby". He isn't saying where is OUR dumb-baby or THE dumb-baby. Dumb-Baby is a funny name all to itself.

  2. Ha ha! I guess it is a mean name for them to give him. It means they have no aspirations or ambitions for shaping out a successful human. They plan for him to be a failure right from the start.

  3. EXACTLY and they don't have a care in the world about it. that is what is funny (IMO).

  4. I can't improve on Brad's brilliant observation.
    I myself prefer the second "take" (the urine and poop version; I can't belive I just typed that :) )
    I'd rather have Dumb-Baby doing despicable dumb-baby type bodily function things, than to think his own Mom is a psycho child killer.
    Keep 'em coming. I'm a Dumb-Baby fan

  5. HaHA! I'm ashamed to admit I like the 2nd one better too. notice how i avoided saying "poo?"


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