Monday, January 18, 2010


Fake comic cover admittedly inspired by Jack Kirby. "Inspired" is a nice impressive way of saying "copying" or "mocking" or "ripping off." The idea is mine but the style isn't.

Depending on the tone in your voice, saying "What's their DEAL?!" or saying "What's THEIR deal?!" can sound either like they are really mysterious, or like they are really annoying.
Same goes for:
"WHO invited them?!" (they are mysterious)
"Who invited THEM?!" (they are annoying)

This is a clean version without the fake wear on the edges.

This was my original sketch. I used my photo-manipulatin' program to remove the blue lines, and draw their shoulders, and colors and whatever else you see in the versions above.
If I made a comic with these guys I'd want the minus symbols on their foreheads to be slots. Also I'd want there to be a part in the story where their leader puts giant space quarters into those slots to either activate or deactivate them.


  1. Kirby-like, but it reminds me more of when Animators take Kirby characters and re-design/simplify them for animation. Never fear, KW~ your monster style is bright and clear !

  2. KW: That's a really cool idea with the slots! You know, you could also say "Who inVITED them?" which would indicate irritation at the person who had done the inviting; whereas "Who invited THEM?" indicates irritation over those being invited. "WHO INVITED THEM?" indicates that the music is too loud. -- Mykal

  3. I would invite these guys anyday....they look like pah-tay animals to the max! The grooved slot in their foreheads is ingenious.
    That art is so good I would swear it was Dick Ayers himself inking the King.
    kudos Keith!

  4. Lysdexicuss, Thanks pal for the nice comment!

    Mykal, You are wise, sir! When i say it like that (inVITED) it makes me laugh! It sounds like pure disgust. he he!

    R/E, Ha ha! Thanks for the confidence boost! wow!

  5. haha! Nice job!

    "WHO INVITED THEM?" hahaha

  6. I'd read this comic!!

    Are the Minus-Men "negative" per-chance?

  7. Dangit!!! You solved the mystery! Just kidding. The mystery is so mysterious even I don't know what it is.

    I like this idea of yours; they should have negative personalities. That would only be right!

    Thanks Willy!


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