Sunday, January 17, 2010


If there are any bullet manufacturers out there who need a stamp-type image to put on their products to describe to folks the bullets in that particular box have teflon coatings, talk to me. I have this ready to go.

Here is an artificial simulation of what it would look like in action.


  1. LOL!!!
    I love target shooting (I suppose I could hunt if I were hungry...and not lazy...and a heck of a lot better shot); plinking as we called it when I was a boy. I've been around a lot of ammo in my day...the little pink guy is GREAT! I may have to download him, print him out and paste him on my ammon boxes (sending you licensing fees of course)

  2. pretty funny!
    KW, you could invent little characters for every possible product in life! They're GREAT!

    That said, now i'm gonna play devil's advocate, and pretend i'm a powerful executive and this crossed my desk for approval...and then, as a d@ckhead I would say, "teflon is slippery, right? then why is he running? He should be sliding across the stamp, like he was running but stopped and slid. Putting him in a surfing type pose and with little speed/motion lines coming from his feet, I'd like to compare those two possibilities before I sign my bigshot executive name to this project...hey, you do all the work, I get the big check, yup, bigshot exec, yup...
    don't hate me.
    your bud, apocolyte the nit picker

  3. oh yeah, and maybe he should be a bullet.

  4. One more thing...I'm not a fan of target shooting. When my friends invite me to go target shooting, it's too painful. My friend's are really good shots, and I can't run that fast.

  5. HAHA! that didn't even cross my mind but you are exactly right, sir! I was just thinking "what would seem the most inappropriate for a killing tool? - how about a cute little fuzzy guy."

  6. And about the target shooting, you could disguise yourself as a barn door. No one can ever hit one of those.


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