Thursday, January 7, 2010


I found this stuff cheap in a box at the Louisville flea market last weekend.

Here are some Laurel and Hardy rubber figures about 2 inches tall. They're made of pretty hard rubber so I don't think they're erasers.

This is a random hodge-podge of weird stuff.

The 2 guys on the top are little aliens or robots. What are these things? Does anybody know? They still had the plastic wrappers. One was opened so I could look at it better. Normally I don't care about keeping things in wrappers but since these things have made it this long with them, I might as well keep them like that.

The orange thing on the lower left is a Freakies cereal prize. The thing on the lower right is a cave woman. I don't know what she comes from. Does anyone know who she is?


  1. Ahh the Freakies! My pal Bookman187 gave me a couple of the Freaky magnets that came as prize inside their cereal box (this was back in 1975), and I up and lose them. Dang.
    You've inspired me to go to the Flea Market (or whatever our equivalent is here) REAL SOOON. I want me some Laruel& Hardys

  2. The cavewoman comes from Kellog's Coco Krispies in the 1960s. Back then the Coco Krispies mascot was a caveman named Ogg. He had a wife (your mystery toy there) named Kell. Get it? I remember having these figures when I was a kid.

    Here's some pics of the CK box:

  3. Jeez, the Laurel and Hardys are twisted and pained looking! Their postures, expressions, all suggest profound discomfort or unhappiness - particularily the Laurel one, staring up at the heavens, obviously cursing the gods that made him. -- Mykal

  4. wow interesting find! good sleuthing bob!

  5. Hehe! Thanks everyone for your comments! And thanks Bob for the info. Now I know it's worth keeping.

    I looked at the backs of those Laurel and Hardy figures and they say "(C) 1983 L.H.P.C. Hong Kong."

  6. Man I LOVE non articulated figures like these. (I have a blog loosely dedicated to them) I love the Laurel and Hardy figures!! Any idea if a product was related to the premiums?

  7. I love them too. I don't know anything about them. I wish I did. Maybe the next time I go to this flea market I can ask the lady who was selling them. She's pretty knowledgeable.

  8. Hi there the two figures on the top are from the funny fringies given as cereal box premium toys in the 70´s they´re from R&L Australia

  9. Thanks buddy, for the info!


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