Monday, January 25, 2010


Drawing on Post-It notes is good practice because it forces me to cut out all but the most important lines since I don't have a lot of room to work on. Also it trains me to compose everything in a box shape. Box shapes are pleasing to the eye and very useful when it comes to designing logos, comics and album-type illustration.

The very nature of it creates a No-worry Throw-away attitude in my brain. When I can go about it with that attitude I never tire of drawing. I relax and waste paper with no regrets.

It's also a very discreet method of drawing when you don't like everyone to know what you are doing.
One illustrator I admire said when you draw very small, thumbnail size, you can take in the entire image in one glance. I think that's true. Drawing very small is good for creating initial sketches and getting proportions correct.

Sometimes on a larger scale you lose your bearings when you can't see the foot at the same time you look at the head. This happens sometimes on mural illustration. It's very difficult to know if you have the mouth in the right spot when the eyes are several feet away. Natural perspective also does evil trickery on your brain. What you think you see up close is nothing at all what other people see standing across the street.

I should rename this blog KW Monster's Wild Tangent Ramblings.


  1. They're both winners Keith! Big or small...talent will out!
    The second drawing cracks me up...the worm is petrified, but the bird doesn't seem to have a clue.
    The first drawing...worthy of the great Chester Gould my friend!

  2. Excellent discourse ! Size really does matter ! The focal of peoples' attention is NEVER the tiny details, unless you intentionally draw one's attention to something. I write in marble composition books for the same reason you sketch & doodle in them. It is so important not to take an individual piece of work too seriously. Doing so, can be debilitating; which can lead to total inhibition, stagnation, impotence, and, eventually, a miserable unhappy death !

  3. both cool drawings.
    I like how the guys head is like a tube/cylinder shape.

    Somethings going on with Birdy...he's making the Runny Bunny face!

  4. R/E, Thanks friend! I guess if that guy was a Chester Gould character his name would be "Cowboy-Face."

    Lysdexicuss, thanks pal! You are right! If it's not fun, then it won't last long as a hobby. In other words, if it's not fun, then it isn't any fun.

    Apocolyte, Ha Ha! POOP! Always relevant!


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