Saturday, January 2, 2010


(Continued from yesterday)

This step was a 3-part process.

PART A - I painted in all the solid base colors. I used dark MIDNIGHT BLUE for all the black stuff like his hat and the flag. I never use black because it makes things ugly and dirty and unnatural, and it sucks all the light away like a black hole. I didn't want to paint over all the details in his face so I left just enough gaps to indicate where the wrinkles were. I let this dry. This is probably the most mindless and boring step. When this step was finished I was happy.

PART B - After I painted his crow's nest brown, I used the MIDNIGHT BLUE for the lettering on the side. Also I used that color to draw fine lines to indicate the individual planks of wood. I let that dry.

PART C - I mixed MIDNIGHT BLUE with water (about half and half) and brushed grain lines into the planks of wood. While I had this thinned dark blue mixture I feathered out his beard on the edges. I let everything dry over night.


  1. KW: I love these painting-project posts you do. Very interesting! My favorite was the goon and the girl! -- Mykal

  2. The menace and malevolence (I know my evolence cause I AM rogue evolent) of the pirate really comes through Keith- - the teeth, the gum line, the overall grimace and eye brow all work to portray what you wanted his personality to exhude. Nice job. And thanks again for "walking us through it."

  3. Thanks Mykal and R/E! I enjoy posting them. Maybe they will inspire people who haven't tried painting yet.

  4. Always great and enjoyable to have you walk through your process.



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