Saturday, January 16, 2010


This guy is pretty fun to draw. He's mostly a triangle with the top point bent over.

I still ain't sure what color he should be. I guess red seems the most obvious.

Here's the original sketch. Nothing really changed. I kind of like these original fingers better, without the claws. I'm not sure about his name either. I was wanting a character who did mean tricks to people. I have lots of mean prank ideas in my head and this would be a way to get them out of my system without actually maiming people.


  1. Hey, I'm no cartoonist (LOL: boy is that self-evident) but I AGREE on two counts (not Blood Count; two counts) 1) Yup RED would be his color and 2) the original fingers SANS the claw is better
    As far as the name, I can't say truthfully that I like the Darrell moniker.. I think of the ones you've got up there the SINISTER WINSTON is the funniest. Plus the logo you've got going on "sinister" is cool.
    LOVE IT KEITH. My mantra continues to be the same: MORE PLEASE

  2. Sinister Winston and i like the black version best.

    Love stopping by always lifts my spirits!

  3. Thanks guys, Sinister Winston was the 1st name I had, but I was frustrated because it didn't rhyme. I looked in the rhyming dictionary for names that rhymed with Sinister, Dastardly, Devious, etc, but the pickin's are slim.


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