Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I had something in my mind and I never could get it to come out exactly like I wanted on paper.

This guy's sword should have been longer but I started the drawing too high on the paper. That arrow is a personal note to me as a reminder if I ever drew it again to lengthen the sword.

Paper too short again. It would have been nice if the knives were longer.

There are more versions of this guy but their head shapes are too disturbing to post. They almost approach the distortion of Carrot Top.

The paper in this notebook I'm using sucks up the ink really fast. Money-wise I don't like that because the brush pens are expensive. Fun-wise though I do enjoy drawing on this paper. I'm using cheap fat Sharpies to fill in the large areas of black to conserve my brush pen ink.

The absorbency of this paper forces me to draw as large as possible so my ink lines don't bleed together as much, and that in turn forces me to be faster with my lines in order to get a smooth arc over a long distance. Then the faster arcs sort of aim me in a specific direction as far as style goes.


  1. As the noses of the two are different, am I correct in assuming they're not the identical character? I like the top guy the best (the one with the sword; cause of the rounded snoz). You've got a great LEGITIMATE reason, to-wit: "the paper...sucks up the ink really fast."
    Unfortunately for me, the excuse is: "my inks (and pencils) on the paper really sucks" :)

  2. R/E,
    Thanks for the comment! I like the top guy better too. HEY! Your drawings are always entertaining, and your writing is entertaining as well.


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