Tuesday, January 5, 2010


(Continued from yesterday)

This step is very subtle and almost unnoticeable, but if you compare to the picture in the last post you can see a slight difference. I could have stopped at the previous step, but I felt like aging this painting would look good. I mixed 1 part GOLDEN paint with 3 parts water to make a gold wash. I'm not talking about metallic gold paint. I mean a yellowish brown color.

I used a big house painting brush and slapped it over the entire painting. Some places didn't need as much so after it dried a bit I wiped some back off with a damp paper towel to suit my eye. I like doing this because it ties everything together into a sort of color family. I liked the aqua-marine blueish green color the background became. That seems more piratey to me.


I gave everything a clear coat with Krylon (tm) Crystal Clear gloss acrylic spray to protect it. Clear-coating it makes the colors seem deeper and richer, very much like an oil painting.

That's it for this job. Now I will mail him away and never see him again. It's like mailing away my child. The only difference is this child doesn't smart-mouth me or break my things, so it's even sadder to say goodbye. sniff...


  1. That gold wash REALLY does set it all off nicely Keith. Another fine KW masterpiece!

  2. I bet people would have acted like you were crazy back in the old days if you said you wanted to make your new painting look old and dirty.


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