Friday, January 29, 2010


Japanese candy. Sometimes Japanese kids want to smoke too, and it's not fair they have to wait until they get older. I saw this Little Bobdog character a lot in the Chinese stores so he must be popular all over. He seems like a sweet and cute little guy, sort of like Mickey Mouse, and he's a very skilled smoker too. See how his middle and index fingers pinch the cigarette like a pro? He makes it seem so cool he's already impressing his pal with it.

This is just LITTLE Bobdog. I wonder what he'll do when he's BIG Bobdog. I guess the nicest thing about this is it brings families closer together by promoting father/son activity.


  1. Wow. The power of advertising and marketing.
    Pure evil.
    But delicious!

    nice art on the package the smaller figure looks like a complete swipe from the old Fleischer cartoons, while the one on the right has a little more modern edge to it, tho still obviously 'influenced' (re:stolen) by Fleischer/Disney etc.

    Funny post KW!

  2. You are right, he looks like Betty Boop's sidekick, Bimbo the Dog.

  3. I miss candy cigarettes myself, it's easier for a minor to get a pack of smokes than the old candied ones from the good old 1960s... so,
    "smoke 'em if you got 'em"
    Great Japanese product Keith, thanks!

  4. Ha! It's easier for a kid to get a pack of real cigarettes, then it is for an adult to find a pack of candy cigarettes!
    Thats hilarious, r/e!

  5. priceless! i remember candy cigarettes, i actually liked the taste of those things..

  6. Brad, thanks! I don't think I ever had any as a kid. I did eat these just recently. These were like the Lik-M-Aid sticks, sort of.

    They had flour or powdered sugar on them, and I was told that was supposed to blow off like puffs of smoke.

  7. I'm sorry. I regret.
    facebook [little bobdog]


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