Sunday, January 3, 2010


(Continued from yesterday)

I mixed DARK PURPLE with water to make a transparent color for all the shadows. No matter what the base color is, it gets a purple shadow. Purple on everything! Since the shadow color is thinned with water and transparent, the base colors will show through. This makes it seem like a color other than purple on each differently colored item.

I used 2 drops of water for every 1 drop of paint. It's a good idea to count out the ratios in case you use up your mixture and need to mix more. You're going to want your 2nd batch to match the 1st batch. Brushing on the shadows is very much like shading something with a pencil. I layered up this shadow color as needed. The more layers I stacked up the darker it became. I kept a hair-dryer next to me so I could dry each layer of paint more quickly.

Since the light is coming from the left, I put shadows on the right sides of everything. The closer I got to the right side edge of each object the more layers were built up. I also drew some ripple lines in the water with this thin wash. Also while I was thinking about the water, I put some thinned brown in the water for the crow's nest refection, and thinned gray for the shark fin's reflection.

If I put too much shadow color on anything, I used a damp paper towel to wipe it back off. Since the base color was dry and cured over night it didn't wipe away. When I was satisfied with everything I let it all dry over night.

(Continued tomorrow)


  1. This painting tutorial is so neat!
    I also like the added expression lines to the pirate's face.

  2. How much time does this all take KW?

  3. R/E
    Thanks friend! The more wrinkles I can add, the less smoothness I'd have to paint, which is more difficult.

    I never go at it too hard. I like painting for about 1 or 2 hours in a night, and then letting that dry a day.

    Thanks! The water was pretty fun to paint. It didn't require a lot of detailed control. Just big loose swoops.

  4. Ha ha! I guess that is funny to say.


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